Born in Germany and now living part time there and in New Zealand.

Carsten grew up in the grocery business to eventually operate a small chain of stores in Germany. Over the last 5 years he has diversified to develop various new businesses acting as an angel investor mostly in the aquaculture and tourism sectors.

He has invested to own the German company Nemo100 developing and building small submarines specifically for the tourism industry.

"Most important for us is to educate as many people as possible of the beauty and importance of our Oceans and how we can all help to keep them safe and sound. This goal is easier to achieve if people have a better understanding and this is where the submarines can massively help. Another significant contribution by the subs to Ocean education is via research." says Carsten.

Carsten is also a partner at BIOTA which is a sustainable hatchery in PALAU.

"Save Our Oceans is a great organisation introduced to me in July 2015 after visiting the beautiful Island of Rarotonga in the South Pacific nation of the Cook Islands. Here I met its core team of very engaged people. I instantly new I wanted to support there efforts and make things happen!"



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We are Indigenous people of the pacific whose lives are impacted daily by the ocean.

We have a time-honoured understanding of its needs and pledge to serve projects that make a positive change from now and into the future.

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